Saint Maron Feast Day - February 9


On this special day, ABNIAH Family wishes President Maroun Helou Prosperity, Health, Wealth and continuous Success.

Today we celebrate the Anniversary of St Maron, the Father of the Maronite Church, the Church that grew from this movement. For St. Maron, all was connected to God and God was connected to all. He did not separate the physical and spiritual world but rather used the physical world to deepen his faith and spiritual experience with God. He embraced the quiet solitude of the mountain life, lived his life in open air exposed to the forces of nature.  He was able to free himself from the physical world by his passion and fervor for prayer and enter into a mystical relationship of love with God.

Maron is considered the Father of the spiritual and monastic movement now called the Maronite Catholic Church. This Maronite movement had a profound influence in Lebanon; it reached Lebanon when St. Maron’s first disciple Abraham of Cyrrhus, who was called the Apostle of Lebanon, realized that there were many non-Christians in Lebanon, so he set out to convert them to Christianity.

May the blessings of this holy day last for a lifetime, Happy Saint Maron’s Day to the Believer in change, to the Supporter of Human rights and Robust in the Capital development.


Engineer Maroun Joseph Helou
President of the Lebanese Contractors Syndicate 
Founder and General Manager of ABNIAH Engineering & Contracting, Pillar in the Lebanese Construction Industry and leading reference for property developers.

Political Activities:

  • Got early involvements in politics and was elected president of the student organization for the “National Liberal Party” during the era of His Excellency President Camille Chamoun.
  • Secretary of interior affairs at the “NLP”
  • Chosen by President Chamoun to represent the NLP in the Coordination Committees between Palestinian and Lebanese parties 1976-1975.
  • Elected member of the political bureau in the NLP (1976-1985) and reelected in 1986/1989.
  • Active participant in the conferences of Geneva and Lausanne accompanying president Chamoun as his consultant.
  • Represented the NLP in the Command of the Lebanese Forces(1986)

Public Affairs:

  • Representative of The Lebanese Contractors Syndicate at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Participant and active member of the Lebanese National Dialogue Community.
  • Member in the Maronite League.
  • Member and Treasurer of the WFP “World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development”. 
  • Member of Board of Trustees of the Maronite Foundation in the world.
  • President of “Al Helou Family” League since 2004. 

In addition to his participation to several humanitarian and social associations in Lebanon, President Helou contributes to the continuous developemnt of Keserwan and the region.