Corporate / Organization Chart

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Abniah's Dynamic Structure Conceived to meeting Technical Growth and coping with Economic Developments.

CHAIRMAN Maroun Joseph Helou, Owner and Founder of Abniah s.a.r.l.,

  • President of The Lebanese Contractors Syndicate for Public Works & Buildings. 
  • Civil Engineer, Graduated from American University of Beirut  & Member of the Order of Engineers and Architects in Lebanon.
  • Member representative in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lebanon representing The Contractors economic sector in the “Lebanese Economic Organization”.
  • Founder and General Manager of Abniah For Development s.a.l.
  • Co-Founder & Board member of TDHC, a Property Development Company specialized in middle Income housing – TDHC is currently developing Bouyout Daroun,
    a 160 apartment’s project in Keserwan-Lebanon,  and Novus Hills, a 110 apartment’s project in Metn- Lebanon.

the Finance function is key participant in the Production of the Company’s Operating Plan and is responsible for its Supervision. This Plan consolidates the Turnover of each Operating Department. Monitoring Results mirrors each Project Performance.

More Control means more Maturity of Business Processes, Connect all Inter-Project Divisions to the Project Database and enhance Collaboration within Project Teams, through 
Monitoring of Works Progress, Cash Flow & Profits of Executed Works v/s Scheduled Ones.

Tendering and Estimation Functions are aligned with Management Strategy, and Poised to Consider Various Forms of Contracts and Offerings. Estimation draws from Expertise and
Accumulated Knowledge, to Assess Bids, Propose Solutions and Value Engineering.

Administration is a Complex Department grouping 4 Main Divisions lead by an Administrative Manager. Organizing and Controlling Functions according to Company Policy and Strategies.
The Main Mission of Administration is to Maintain Efficient Hierarchy and Continuously Develop Inter-Company Synergies. The Objectives are to promptly Provide Necessary Resources
and Support for Production Departments to Better Serve Pressing Demands.

The Readiness and Capabilities of Resources are the Strategic Value of Fast Deployment on Pressing Demands and Opportunities.
The Main Objective of Human Resources Management is to ensure Jobs are Designed to meet High Levels Need, enabling Employees to use their Full Potentials.
Planning, Staffing and Recruiting Diverse Workforce. 
Orientation and Training of a Motivated Team to perform according to the New Operating and Organizational Modes.

Procurement for Various Projects is the responsibility of the Procurement Management, resting in the hands of the Head Office together as well as a Centralized Data Base meant
to Serve Projects all over the Company. The Main Objective of a Procurement Plan is to Meet the Project Milestone Dates and have the Services and Material on Site in a Timely
Manner through Rigorous Expediting and Frequent Tracking Projects' Materials.

There are Simply Too Many Projects to be Completed Successfully. Operations Management comprised of Top Managers to act as Clearinghouse for Projects.
Reviewing Project's Mission and Strategies, Establishing Criteria for Planning and Monitoring Resource Workloads.
Providing Leadership Necessary to Prevent Multi-Project Log Jams.

Continually Improve Levels of Quality through the Use of Effective Procedures.