Quality On-time Projects

    We believe that building construction is more than just an industry, it is about providing opportunities for a better future.

    We like to think that we are here to support our Clients building projects  by enhancing interaction among Construction Community, helping  grow economies and creating jobs thus allowing the upcoming generations to thrive safely

    Driven by the trust its clients put within the company, Abniah’s management prime directive relies on client satisfaction, quality on-time projects, and commercial insights.

    Under this umbrella, Abniah’s goal has been to implement its combined construction and engineering expertise to serve its clients across markets and industries, and provide them, in a timely manner, with the best quality and state-of the-art ventures, thus helping them make an impact and evolve further within their fields.

    By following this entrepreneurial management roadmap, Abniah has been able to sustain its growth and continuously diversify its client base and widen its areas of expertise, while growing beyond local markets.

    Conduct our Business with Commitment


    Along with every client and each project, Abniah strives to:

    Thanks to its technical excellence across countless construction projects that were successfully carried out in Lebanon and abroad (residential buildings, housing clusters & villas, offices, convention centers, industrial & medical centers, schools & universities, touristic compounds, and much more) all aiming at making a difference for the company’s clients, employees and community.

    > Deliver the highest quality construction services, within budget (fair and competitive prices) and on schedule.

    >  Apply the company’s collective expertise in all areas including attention to details and service-minded attitudes.

    >  Sustain effective collaborations, partnerships and teamwork through honesty, transparency and trust.

    >  Deploy fast and efficient resources to respond to evolving market growth.

    Together with its ever-growing team of qualified engineers, talented architects, experienced project managers and skilled technicians, Abniah is committed to shaping tomorrow’s edifices that will bring people closer to each other and enhance the quality of their lives, one building at a time, one country after the other.

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