Abniah Quality Standards

    • Quality is what we pursue

      ABNIAH established its QMS based on the principles of minimal bureaucracy that allows quick decision making and efficient implementation.

      ABNIAH recognizes Quality as an essential element that provides the company with its continual success in the Construction Industry, its competitive advantages, its  profit and management's perfection.

      ABNIAH highlights its awareness and extreme cautiousness in matters of Work Safety & Protection.

      These features are achieved and successfully integrated into the QMS utilizing Process Approach and Risk Based Thinking including:

      • Understanding current and future clients’ needs, meeting their requirements and striving to exceed their expectations.
      • Managing activities and resources as a whole process is a manner to achieve efficiently the desired results in compliance with International Standards' requirements. 
      • Identifying, understanding and managing interrelated processes as a system which contributes to ABNIAH’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its quality objectives.
      • Leadership to plan result oriented objectives, establish clearness of purpose and direction in order to maintain the internal environment in which ABNIAH employees can become fully involved in achieving the company's objectives.
      • The Policy and Documented Information necessary to meet the required standards are described in our QMS and are regularly reviewed to ensure continuing suitability & improvement.

             ISO 9001:2015 is and shall be used as an important tool that assure continuous improvement.

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